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“Isn’t my birthday tomorrow” I asked. “Yes, your birthday is tomorrow and winter is going to start as well”. I rolled on the floor, muddled all the books, I overtook a line of a primary school. I was too crazy with joy in my heart.

Night 12:00, I came around a sound of a door opening. I saw a substantial shadow coming out of the room. I knew it was a human. The shadow looked familiar to me. It looked like a man. It was my father, a tremendous scientist, the mom of pips, heart of our family as well as brain of our family, considerate to everyone, a friend of the Earth.

I asked my dad “Dad, can we go out for a trip this winter”. My dad got shocked to see me awake. He said “Sure, why not we can go for a trip”. I couldn’t valt around in joy because I was dozy and tired. I slept at a drop of a hat.

When I woke up early morning I felt lonely because my parents were hiding in a place to surprise me on my birthday. I knew it but I acted that I didn’t know otherwise they will feel bad. I saw them bringing a considerable box. It was a gift for me.

I opened the gift. Yes, it was the robot which I asked to buy. When I opened the robot’s battery box to put batteries, 3 tickets fell down on the floor which showed the word “HIMALAYAS”.

My mom and dad got shocked and when they saw the box it said “Buy 1 box of robot get 3 tickets free”. When they saw below it said in capital letters and bold “SPECIAL OFFER”. I got elated. We packed our bags and got ready for the trip.

We reached on time to the airport. I was too excited. My mom and dad were happy too. My birthday gift was me going on a trip. The day passed away very fast because I had nothing to do in the flight.

Early morning when I woke up I saw stone kind of things touching the sky. After some time I recognised when the flight was landing that those were the Himalayas.

The abode of snow, white coloured life, the place of snowmans and the place to play around “HIMALAYAS”.

I knew that the sound echoes around so I went far from my mother and father and screamed “I love Himalayas” which echoed to my parents and they heard the message. When I went to them and I asked my father “when I get lost what do I do”. My father said “you can scream and we will know where you are”.

The next day I made something which made my parents happy. It had a carrot on the top, shawl on it’s neck, 4 buttons in the middle a thing made with snow. It was a “SNOWMAN”

I wanted to make a snowman for many years and I finally made it. Winter is so fun. After I ate my lunch I went see my snowman but when I saw nothing was there.

I dug the place where I mount up the snowman and I just found the carrot. I ambled around thinking who took the buttons but I never got any concept or image in my mind.

I saw footsteps of an animal on the snow. So I knew that it was a animal who did it. Suddenly I saw a thing moving. It had white hair, Sharp teeth and sharp claws. It was a “POLAR BEAR”.

I got scared and I started to run but the polar bear caught me with its nails and it licked my hand. “DISGUSTING” I screamed. My parents were busy talking on their phones. Soon me and the bear became friends. I taught the bear some tricks to build his bricks. He taught me how to catch fish.

The next morning, It was the last day of our trip. I went to say goodbye to the polar bear and we went to the airport.

We reached our home at night 12:00. Morning I went to my bag to check if I brought everything. When I saw my clothes I saw a sharp thing, It was the bear’s nail. Well this nail created a happy ending to my winter holidays.

The End

Krishna Chaitanya Reddy, Grade IV