preprimaryEarly childhood education takes on new meaning when the infant’s natural curiosity is encouraged and rewarded. The first step into formal learning begins with the Pre-Primary; hence, this is one of our strong pillars. We provide a secure, inspiring and challenging learning environment where each child is respected as an individual. They are helped and encouraged to work independently as well as collaboratively, as per their comfort with a bit of challenge to reach out to. Equal opportunity is given to interact with teachers, assistants and fellow students. We have a student teacher ratio of 1:8 in each grade.

At Pre-Primary, we believe that each child has a unique learning style and every effort is made to provide the best foundation by offering the best practices in the field of education; using the Cambridge International Primary Programme with a combination of the Montessori, Froebel’s (Kindergarten) and Howard Gardener’s (Multiple Intelligence) principles. Structure and progress is aligned in all areas so that the student develops a strong base in knowledge, skills and values. The progress of each child is closely monitored across the six key areas of education:

Classrooms foster interaction and inquiry through the vibrant ambiance with the best tools used to capture a student’s interest. Theme based calendar events ensure that our students are given the best exposure and time for celebration of learning with parents and teachers.

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