Learning English helped me !

There are always benefits of learning another language – good for your professional work, good for your travels, good for your career .So I would like to remind you that not only is it important to learn English , it may very well be necessary.

Recent studies says ,approximately 1.5 billion people around the world speak English, as their native tongue or as a foreign language, and this number is still growing.

In my case, though French is my native language, when I relocated to India , learning English made things easier for me here . Even knowing some basic words can help break the ice when you’re in a foreign country. It’s not the same as being able to have an entire conversation, but people appreciate the fact that we are trying to speak a common language.

Il yatoujours des avantages de l’apprentissageuneautre langue – bon pour votre travail professionnel , bon pour vos voyages, bon pour votrecarrière . Donc, je voudraisvousrappelerque non seulementest-il important d’apprendrel’anglais ,ilpeuttrèsbienêtrenécessaire .

Des étudesrécentesdit , environ 1,5 milliard de personnesdans le monde parlentl’anglais , comme langue maternelleoucomme langue étrangère , et cenombre ne cesse de croître .

Dansmoncas ,si le françaisest ma langue maternelle , quandj’aidéménagé pour l’Inde , à apprendrel’anglais a rendu les choses plus faciles pour moiici . Même en sachantquequelques mots de base peut aider à briser la glace lorsquevousêtesdans un pays étranger . Il est pas la mêmeque la possibilitéd’avoirune conversation entière ,mais les gens apprécient le fait que nous essayons de parlerunelangage commune .

– Kassi John
  French Facilitator, International Centre for Excellence

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Language is important in a human being’s life. Through language we express our feelings and viewsto build a good relationship with the community. These days English is becoming a common language to communicate with each other all over the world. One out of five people can speak or at least understand English!So when it comes to the education field people all over the world decide to study it as a second language, even children start learning English at a young age.

I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn English as a second language.Being a Hindi teacher in Bangalore I still use English many a time as students who come from different states and countries don’t fully understand Hindi but are fluent in English. As a Teacher I need to first make my students comfortable so that they are happy to learn another language.

It is not just in the education field, but even in any other fields English language is widely used. To establish world peace and bring different countries together, it is important to step into the culture of other countries and learn their values which is possible these days if we know English.

All the languages have their own importance and I do respect my mother tongue Kannada and national language Hindi. But

“The limits of my language means the limits of my world.”
― Ludwig Wittgenstein

So according to me to know the world we need to give importance to the world common language that is English.

– Vidya Rani

International Centre for Excellence

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Why not insist on English?

In the international realm of languages, there is English and there are the ‘native’ languages, which are region-specific. English is the world’s 2nd language and our native language is our 1st.But in my opinion, English is an opportunity for better life.

Gone are the days when children or should I say parents wanted children to become doctors and engineers. Now, all you can hear is “Oh! You are an IT professional, must be making a lot of money!! or “ I am working in a call centre for quick bucks before college reopens”. Do you really think it is easy to get into IT or ITES jobs without speaking English? This is where the so called “English Training Institutes” increase their economy. Being a voice and accent trainer myself I have seen desperation in people’s eyes to learn English. I’ve had IT professionals coming to me wanting to learn” Global English” in 3 weeks only because their new project is relocating them to the UK or US. Is it possible to learn English in 3 weeks? So why wait till you get that dream job or till you get relocated to the US or UK to learn this language!

Science, Technology and the endless marvels emanating from IT have decidedly overtaken our lives and the fact remains that these on-going advancements are the power of a world that uses English as its mother tongue.In India the major entrance exams for higher education are in English for eg. IITJEE, IIM’s MBBS, C.A, CLAT etc. In the current scenario in India, knowledge of English empowers the talented underprivileged aspirants to compete for plum jobs and position.

Math is a language of science, Music is a language of emotions and English is a common language to solve common problems like climate change, hunger, poverty, natural disasters, disease etc. English is a language which easily opens up man’s perception and broadens the horizon on global current events. Adopting English as the language of communication does not imply that native languages should be compelled to die a natural death. Respecting one’s language and culture is the beginning of openness to other languages and cultures. Exposure to diversity can only broaden the mind, it cannot lead to the loss of individuality or identity.

English represents hope for a better future, a future where the world has a common language to solve common problems.

– Malini Anoop

International Centre for Excellence

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Need to learn English

Ours is probably the only country that speaks so many different languages. Countries that have not depended on English have had the luxury of a common national language. We need a common language at least for professional convenience, if not as a necessity, and I believe English gives us the advantage of being the most widely used one for professional transactions all over the world.

Languages are means of expression and have evolved during the course of humankind.  Numerous English words have seeped into regional languages, due to the absence of a vernacular equivalent for the same. Using your mother tongue in front of foreigners is not accountable as it comes off as rude. My family and I communicate in English when we are out at gatherings, even though at home we speak in Urdu.

I   have witnessed and so is proven beyond doubt that language plays no barrier in comprehending and succeeding in many areas /subjects. For instance, a subject like Science, is beyond the constraints of any language. It is more of an understanding based passion and not a language driven obsession.

I truly believe, all that one requires, are a set of skills that includes intelligence, aptitude, logical reasoning and knack towards learning and qualities that are by no account slave to any particular language.

– Simi Sheffi
  Primary Coordinator, International Centre for Excellence

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