The ICE Community will be very interested in meeting with you but before that, do take time to go through our Potential Parents page and explore our Website. Once your knowledge is enhanced regarding our Systems and Practices do go through the following steps for a smooth admission process.

VKGI Scholarship:

VKGI Scholarship is meted out to students who qualify as per the criteria given below:

  1. Consistently scores 80% for 2 years of Schooling in all tests and examinations.
  2. Parent income lies within 7-8 lakh per annum (both parents).
  3. Grade 9 – 11 need to score 85% and above for 3 years.
  4. Should be active in a minimum of 2 co- curricular activities.
  5. Discount of fee will be 5 – 10 % on tuition fee as long as the criterion are met.




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