Help Kids P.I.C.K the right books


Reading should be easy and enjoyable- pick a book, settle in and be transported to new places. Reading for pleasure is important. Facilitators need to guide the students to choose the right book. If you know the child’s likes and interest and what they have already read, you can steer them towards a good book.

You can’t dislike a book until you have tried it! Expose students to different genre by taking them to the school library or a public library. Encourage them to try something first. In the past they might have tried only fantasy, and then you can suggest they look at mystery series. They might find that they love something outside their usual genre.

The secret to helping kids learn how to choose the right book is to remember P.I.C.K. It stands for Purpose, Interest, Comprehension and Know the words. Introduce the idea that we read for a purpose, even if the purpose is pure enjoyment. Then they need to find out the book that will interest them so that they can keep reading the whole time. Lastly, they need to think if they can understand what they are reading and know most of the words. Research shows that children learn to read by reading books that they can read fluently. Giving them a book above their reading level does nothing but frustrates them. Just right books provide the perfect balance so that readers can feel successful, enjoy reading and grow in reading abilities.

Read with your child, read to your child and have your child read to you. Reading is a wonderful way to keep young minds active and engaged.


Malini Anoop

Primary Facilitator, International Centre for Excellence

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