Role of parent teacher partnership in a child’s overall growth


Please watch a ‘Ted Talk’ by Megan Olivia Hall – 2013 Minnesota Teacher of the year.

As a parent and teacher myself, I have realised that raising a well rounded personality is a team work. If you want your child to do good at school, at home, in life – we, both parent and teacher, should hold hands and work together on each individual child, catering to what his needs are, what he is best at.

With our days getting packed with busier schedules, mundane routines, never ending chores, crazy deadlines, and freaky gadgets, there is never enough quality time to be spent with our young ones, and thus it becomes even more crucial to get into a partnership. A partnership between a teacher and a parent!

Personally, there was a time when I used to look forward to a parent teacher meeting in my son’s school. I always thought since he spends a bigger share of a day in school, may be his teacher can give me insights on my child which I might have ignored. But as many say,with due respect to all the kind souls who taught him, you should be lucky to get a ‘good’ teacher!

Though the ratio has been fifty-fifty,these days, I come back thinking I won’t go for the next one. The once-in-six-months-meeting is rarely effective. I get to hear the same old sentences which I have been hearing from the time he was five.

No, I am not the type of parent who thinks her child is the best. I am ready for criticism. I am ready for suggestions. I am ready for honest opinions and effective solutions.But I wish I could get some constructive feedback on my child which could help ‘us’ in moulding him into a better being.

Well, this reflection definitely helps me in my role as a teacher. I have been trying my best to work as a team with the parents of my students. Frequent meetings, open communication through diary notes or emails keeps the relationship transparent. Making notes on a regular basis about the child helps me understand him better. Constructive feedback with practical suggestions helps the parents to work on their kids as a team. Be it academics, behaviour, health issues, emotional well being – everything is taken care of, almost:)

You can see the difference in a child when you have a great teacher parent partnership. The child flourishes, he is nurtured well and blooms into a beautiful personality.

As Megan says, if every teacher and parent works together we can make a difference in lives of so many kids. We will have confident young learners who will be ready to take on the world because they know they have adults who care for him and will be there to hold him even if he falters.


Shynara Reddy

English Facilitator, International Centre for Excellence

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  • Siva Kumar December 16, 2015 - 1:15pm

    Hi,I really liked this article. Thanks for sharing such a nice article. Both parents and teachers need to work to encourage a child’s creative ideas and better their educational development


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