Why English???

Honestly, I have always had a fascination for English Language. Maybe because I went to a public school run by Irish Sisters who laid a lot of emphasis on grammar and pronunciation. Having taught English Language and Literature at the ISC and AS/A Levels my flair for the language has motivated me to explore novel grounds.

Now if I say English is a universal language you will think I’m biased. Let me put it this way…..English is the most widely used language in the world.However, every language has a history and speaks volumes about its place of origin. If you take India, it is a land of myriad languages.

Learning more than one language is always beneficial but can we be proficient in all the languages we learn? ‘Herculean task’ ………that’s what you thought, right?

We need to admit the fact that English has created a niche for itself in the world of languages, making the globe smaller. It is the language of the business and Internet world. Besides your qualification, communication in English helps you fetch a lucrative job.More doors of opportunity in the international front will open for a talented and knowledgeable person if he is good in communicating in English……rather flawless.

Thus, if you get a chance to learn good English why not make use of it??

Yes! Why not English?? Food for thought………….

I leave it at that for you to chew,digest and debate.

– Geetha Somanathan
Secondary Coordinator, International Centre for Excellence