Need to learn English

Ours is probably the only country that speaks so many different languages. Countries that have not depended on English have had the luxury of a common national language. We need a common language at least for professional convenience, if not as a necessity, and I believe English gives us the advantage of being the most widely used one for professional transactions all over the world.

Languages are means of expression and have evolved during the course of humankind.  Numerous English words have seeped into regional languages, due to the absence of a vernacular equivalent for the same. Using your mother tongue in front of foreigners is not accountable as it comes off as rude. My family and I communicate in English when we are out at gatherings, even though at home we speak in Urdu.

I   have witnessed and so is proven beyond doubt that language plays no barrier in comprehending and succeeding in many areas /subjects. For instance, a subject like Science, is beyond the constraints of any language. It is more of an understanding based passion and not a language driven obsession.

I truly believe, all that one requires, are a set of skills that includes intelligence, aptitude, logical reasoning and knack towards learning and qualities that are by no account slave to any particular language.

– Simi Sheffi
  Primary Coordinator, International Centre for Excellence

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